Built with love for contractor small businesses

We noticed contractors looking to grow their business were getting tied down and overwhelmed with administrative tasks, so we built an all-in-one phone in an app to automate customer communications.

We're downright obsessed

We've felt the pain as a small company of trying to keep up with customers, suppliers, and our team. Our mission is to make communication painless for you. We value your feedback to the highest extent, and you're our #1 priority. Let's do it together!

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Meet Your Team at ProPhone

Shannon Kay

co-founder, CPO

Self-proclaimed tech nerd and smart home enthusiast. Ice cream aficionado, amateur photographer, and proud Clemson alum.

Dan Stepanov

co-founder, cto

Heavily detail-oriented technical individual with a passion for product development.
My crime is curiosity.

Ashley Federoff

Product Manager

Wannabe travel blogger. Black Mirror enthusiast. Mario Kart pro and struggling surfer. Fight on!

Emily Liu

Software Engineer

Analytical problem-solver and multi-faceted engineer. Interested in crypto and intersection of compsci, econ, and stats.

Mike Zhu

Growth Manager

Aspiring growth marketer and amateur painter. NY Knicks fan. 2 cats. Lives to eat, travel, and learn!

Sienna Byrne

Content Manager

Lover of all things related to books and writing, amateur triathlon enthusiast. Stoked for new foods, new places, and new friends!

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